Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Three Amigos

I mentioned ‘walking the dogs’.
I thought I would elucidate somewhat and tell you a bit more about the puppies. When I say “puppies”
I would clarify that ALL dogs are puppies to me.

We got our first puppy a few years ago after a close encounter with a border collie pup, who was three months old, and on it’s way to the outer Hebrides. Our boy adopted it for the four hour hop to the Isle of Tiree. On our return home we interviewed many a dog, before deciding to extend our family with an eight week old tri coloured collie.
Poo for Poodle
  Some years later, and well after the Collie had trained me, we took in two refugees to safe them from harm. They are a 15 year old toy Poodle who we affectionately call “Poo” and an eight year old Parsons Terrier. The Poodle is my elderly Aunt’s dog. My Aunt  has been ‘touched’ by the horror of Altzimer’s and is now in full time care, her ‘Poo’ had nowhere to go... The other dog, due to a long list of ‘unfortunate circumstances’ needed a new home at the very same time as ‘Poo’. They came as a pair. We knew them well before we decided to take them out of harms way, and over the last twelve months, they have been part of our gang.
Walking the Dogs consists of a march over a couple of miles along the Fife Coastal Path and then to the woods and down onto the Forth foreshore where we explore the nooks and crannies of the bay of Dalgety. No walk is ever the same and apart from seasons, weather and others that are out and about, chewing the fat, I like to change my route and change the focus.
The Three Amigos
Most of the time it is all about the dogs, but quite often I like to indulge my passion for nature and we explore the bounty of the hedgerows and woods. The tides of the Forth bring many changes to the foreshore and we clear the litter and collect anything that I think can be recycled..... much to my partners horror.... The Collie is fixated by a ball, a stick, pine cones or any other object she can chase, collect and bring back to me, so I can throw it again and again and again...and one last time... and again!

They are my personal trainers. They make me walk every day. No  excuses, no days off, every day. Oh, and when we go on holiday, we need to go where three dogs are welcome and there is many a mile of woods and shore to wander. I love the quality they add to our lives and, although the boot camp has been fraught on occasions, the three amigos are a joy and a pleasure.

Did I mention we had a cat called “Cous Cous”?

a Collie trying to look cute...

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