Friday, 25 January 2013


Interesting proposition... to show art at your local library! My Library has just undergone a transformation from Council control to 'Trust'. In those days of changing ways.... they need to seek new avenues for sustainability. Showing, and selling, local arts and crafts is a new venture. I have had a range of my cards in the Library for a few weeks and have now hung 12 watercolours. Sale of work will assist the library and local art is seen by local people. I'm sure many libraries across the country have similar challenges and I think this is a great way of meshing arts and crafts with the more traditional role of community libraries.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Glen craig, watercolour artist

Glen craig, watercolour artist
This is my page. I try and keep facebook ticking along with current work and events , shows or exhibitions. The art is more related to cards and prints, but also includes original work. I hope you will have a look and let me know if you 'like' it. Thank You.
Thank you all for supporting my work through the last year and a special thank you to those who commissioned work. Whether you have 'liked' my facebook page, bought an art card, a print, an original or have commissioned a watercolour, I thank you. With your support I am enthusiastic and inspired to take on greater challenges in the year ahead. I will be redesigning my web site to give a much more friendly window onto my work and allow you to buy art cards. A big gap in my current site. I have a draft site at the moment and I am very excited at the prospect of getting it to you at the earliest date. All the best for 2013.